Coursebook Evaluation

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“How do I know a coursebook is a good one?” and “What do I look for when evaluating a coursebook?” are two of the most frequent questions we have received from language teachers over the years. Considering the vast number of coursebooks published every year, particularly at a time when e-books, print-on-demand, and digital publishing platforms make publishing a lot easier, identifying a good coursebook has become a more important concern than ever.Coursebook Evaluation in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Education intends to help pre-service and in-service language teachers with the evaluation and selection of a coursebook, one of the most significant instructional decisions they have to make in planning and shaping the type of teaching and learning that will take place in their classrooms.The primary audience for this book consists of students enrolled in English Language Teaching (ELT) programs in Turkey. In addition, it will provide a valuable resource for graduates in English Literature and other related programs who have not taken a course in coursebook evaluation but are planning to become certified and assume a role as English language teachers. Graduate students in ELT, in-service EFL teachers, teacher trainers, and other language teaching professionals may also benefit from the book as a comprehensive reference work.
Coursebook Evaluation Coursebook Evaluation 9786258499551 Coursebook Evaluation